Robot licensing error. There are not licenses available (No. 1915)


I have been running processes on the same machine for a long time with different schedules.

  • Only one unattended license with Orchestrator ()
  • 1 machine (machine_x)
  • 3 robots (robot_x, robot_y and robot_z)
  • 3 processes. (process_x, process_y and process_z)

The process_x is executed with robot_x at 06:00 a.m on machine_x
The process_y is executed with robot_y at 07:00 a.m on machine_x
The process_z is executed with robot_z at 08:00 a.m on machine_x

The problem is that only process_x is executed and process_y and process_z stays pending with that error ( Robot licensing error. There are not licenses available )

It is as if the license was kept in the first robot and not released.

Is it possible do “LOG OUT” without giving an Orchestrator’s error?


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If you have only one license, you should not have 3 different robots… Why arent you using only one configured robot to run the 3 processes?

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Hello @mromerf,

On the orchestrator, under the robot settings Set Login to Console to “No” [Do this for all 3 robots]:

Since you are using the High Density Architecture for robots, this has to be done. This ensures the robot user logs out of the system once the process execution is complete.


hi @mromerf
agree with @bcorrea

as you mention i hope you having only one unattended robot
so what is the purpose of creating 3 robot for run your process in 1 machine

Assumption : when your process X executed 6.00am and make sure that its finish before process y starts (as you say its start 7.00am)

if like then you have enough 1 created robot and dispatch your process at the time in to same robot

form your scenario your all process (X/Y/Z) are dispatching on same time and trying wait until its jobs start the process
but you have only one license , i hope its a concurrent license (can run only one robot at a time) so all the 3 jobs cannot be dispatch in to 3 different robot cause its connect only one robot , thats why you will reseive this message

so better you can run your job on same robot …


Hi @bcorrea,

All three processes run on the same machine.

But with different users because they perform different tasks. That’s why I have three robots.


Hi @Nithin_P,

I will try to configure the robots as you mention:

I perform the procedure once but only on a robot that runs every day, one every week and the other every month.

I inform how it evolves with that configuration.


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hi @mromerf
if you having agent desktop , your task is nothing :sunglasses: you can easily do it

but if not, try the possibility of updating your robot or orchestrator version
if so cant you can use task windows task scheduler (but remember now is’t not recommended )
and following link having the already created component for it


Hi @mromerf,

See you on this thread after a month, with the test results :slight_smile:


So you have that license of which type? You configured those 3 robots in the same machine as high density?

Have you solved the issue?