Robot Licensing Failed. There are no available runtime licenses. (#1915)

Hi everyone,

When I run any process by Schedule or manually, status is pending all the time.

In the process information, you can see the following:

Robot Licensing Failed



Could you please check whether you have any available licensed or not.

Hi @lakshman,

Yes I have license. Basic Orchestrator License 1 / 1 Unattended and 0 / 1 Studio

Orchestrator version: 2019.10.15



It looks like you have only Unattended BOT license. Are you using same right ?

Is there any other process running at the time of running this Process ?

You’re right, I have four robots on the same machine, but the executions don’t interfere with each other. The run times are different.

Hi @lakshman,

I still having the problem. Today, two processes were executed at 08:00 and 09:00, both from Schedule.

The first it was run well but the next one skip the next message: “Robot licensing failed. No available runtime licenses.”

How can I fix it?