Robot Licensing Failed. There are no available licenses on the server. (#1914)


I am using the Community Edition and have been using the unattended bot successfully for the past few weeks. However, today my scheduled bot did not run and when I checked the Orchestrator for detail it says: “Robot Licensing Failed. There are no available licenses on the server. (#1914).” However, I checked the remote PC’s bot and it says “Licensed, connected.”

I can manually run a task on the remote PC now, however, if I run the same task through Orchestrator, it gives the error mentioned above.

Please help.


I have the exact same error. It’s been working fine until earlier today. I guess UiPath broke something…

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I have the same problem, the robots worked until 3:00 p.m., so it stopped working. with the same error Robot Licensing Failed. There are no available licenses on the server. (#1914).
I checked the remote PC’s bot and it says “Licensed, connected.”

Any idea to fix the problem ?


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Same error and another error is " Undefined robots (#1678) "

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a friend of mine found the solution,
you have to go to User/License/ go to robot type
go to See More and check how many licensed machines are there

definitely appears 2 times like here

you have to make the one with robot = 1 turn green and disable the other one
probably to do this you have to delete and re-create the machine

hope it works :slight_smile:


I also have this same problem today. It has been fine up until now, I run at least one job a day and have not changed the process.

I did notice that there is now an icon next to the process that says “requires user intervention”. None of my jobs require user interaction, even to test I made a job that just prints a line. I do not think this ever used to be there, maybe there is a bug with the platform?


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I also have the same issue on today like below!

Yesterday, when creating the machine, the unattended license count was not assigined and was zero count. So today, i first did delete and my robot and machine.And then i created my machine that License - Unattended Runtimes was assigned zero to one like below.

Next i recreated my robot and then in “license > Unattended” page , i disabled one machine like below.

And then i reassinged the robot in all created triggers one by one. Now i am testing to see if this probrem happens.

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Even i had the same issue .
It worked when i inter changed the robot rype to attended and made it back to unattended .


Thanks @Sax72. This worked very well. I will indicate this as the solution.

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me too. Tell me.@loginerror

So the duplicate entries are normal when you have the robot installed in user mode (one is for the machine in service mode - it’s provisioned when you create the machine, and the others may be the robot services installed in user mode on that machine). Prior to 20.3 we had a bug - if you had multiple robot service instances on the same host, they would have all shared the same runtime pool of licenses - and that was incorrect. If you actually want them to share the same pool of runtimes, you should just install the robot in service mode.

However, we had a bug in our latest deployment that we did not release the licenses for unattended robots correctly, and we also “forgot” to show the “user mode” information in the licenses page UI.

We will (try once again) to release all the unattended licenses so this problem should fix by itself (with the first Robot Service heartbeat that comes after the fix).

Thanks guys & sorry for the inconvenience.


Thank you for your response.

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