Robot license Check


1.about the Unattended Robot license
How to check it?
2. Can I use the studio when I activate Unattended license?



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To trigger Unattended BOTS we need Orchestrator also. Hope you are using Orchestrator also. If yes then add licence key in Orchestrator and then Connect that robot machine with Orchestrator to acquire license from it.

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When in Orchestrator, open your users menu and click licenses. This will display a masked activation key along with the license available and usage for each license type.

Unattended License with Studio is not supported to my knowledge and should only be used for troubleshooting, studio will give you a warning about this.

You should get a Studio/Development Robot to work with Studio or a specific Named Studio license.

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Hi @dro

  1. For your first you have 2 options
    Check by cmd Regutil Command Descriptions
    Or check by orchestrator
    As @codemonkee mentioned
  2. The simple answer is no
    Because you there are few license categories
    So studio/robots/orchestrator/ or bundle packages
    If you simply buy only robot means you dont have studio license
    You have to buy studio separately
    So simply you cannot do any development along with if you buy only robot license (buy can install studio without license and offer you to only troubleshooting and debug, all other development environment is desirabled)