Licensing Robot after licensed studio

I’ve installed and licensed UiPath Studio. I don’t need Orchestrator, but I’ve an “Unattended license code”. Should I activate some else license after installed and licensed studio? sorry for question but I’m beginner


Hi @Giuseppe_Accardo

If you have already activated Studio license on your machine, there is no need to activate your Robot license on the same machine. In fact, you cannot even do that, as that would replace your Studio license.

For your Robot license, you can install only Robot on another machine and run your processes via system tray (you will have to transfer your processes manually, unless you have a shared network to make it simple).

@loginerror @ovi
Hi, we have the License keys in order to do the activation of different UiPath products.
For example, when I go to Orchestrator it ask for uploading the license file but I have that in an email. So does I need to copy the key to Text file and save it in some specified folder OR what is the better way to activate my licenses for the first time for -

  1. Studio
  2. FOR/BOR
  3. Orchestrator.

Could you please share the detailed step and your response on this point?


Hi @ASinha

The detailed explanation on how to upload your licenses to Orchestrator can be found here :slight_smile: