Activation of Production (Unattended) Robot License

Hi all,

I have purchased the pro License, and now I have lost the Unattended Robot License I had on Trial one. Please, could you tell me how I can buy/activate this please?

Thanks a lot. Regards.


  1. Access UiPath Orchestrator:

    • Log in to your UiPath Orchestrator instance using your Pro License credentials.
  2. License Activation:

    • In Orchestrator, go to the License page. Here, you can activate your Unattended Robot license. Navigate to the “License” page, and you should find an option to update or activate licenses. Enter the license key you received with your purchase.
  3. Verify and Test:

    • After activating the license, verify that your Unattended Robot is listed as licensed and active in the Orchestrator. You can also test the Unattended Robot to ensure it is functioning as expected.

Check the Robot configuration in UiPath Assistant or Orchestrator to ensure that the Unattended Robot licenses are recognized and available for use.


Thank you a lot!

Kind Regards.

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