Detected Unattender Robot as the license type

Hello. When I open the studio that we have at the same machine that orchestrator is hosted, this message shows up in the lower part of the start page of studio. It says that has “detected unattended robot as the license type. Based on the terms and conditions this license should only be used for troubleshooting purposes.”
I do have one studio license linked to this orchestrator, what sould i do use correctly the studio license and a unattended robot from this machine/user.

Using an unattended robot for development will allow you more flexibility for development in Studio. You can change this when it is ready to go to production.

Thanks, I have already managed to link it to a studio license.
Can i have both the studio and the unattended in the same machine/user?
I´d like to have a studio license for testing the process in production environment and the unattended license to run the process via the orchestrator. Is this possible or i need to be changing the license type when i want to test and then deploy’

You would need to create a high density machine to use both on the same machine at the same time. However, you can re-associate the robot associated with the machine in Orchestrator for the time you’ll be editing the code.

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