Robot fails when run with trigger

Hello Guys,

My unattended robots which handles operations on web browsers or desktop application fails when run with a trigger. When I run process manually in Orchestrator it works.

Problem shows on every Machine on which robot runs. Most of the errors I get in orchestrator logs are “time out” or problems with computer vision etc. . After I login on Virtual Machine on which I got error, mostly I see error in assistant “Cannot read property…” .

I tried to use solutions from this topics below, but it didn’t work:

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I am looking forward for any hints

Show us the full error messages you are getting. Lots of things can time out.

Hi Paul,

Below are messages from logs detailed:

Raw message: Object
message: Set transaction status: The operation has timed out.
level: Error

Raw message: Object
message: Invoke SetTransactionStatus workflow: The operation has timed out.
level: Error

Raw message: Object
message: CV Screen Scope ‘Ax32.exe ‪Microsoft’: Timeout reached.
level: Error

Raw message: Object
message: System exception at initialization: Timeout reached. at Source: CV Screen Scope ‘Ax32.exe ‪Microsoft’
level: Fatal

Raw message: Object
message: Click ‘TMaskEdit’: Timeout reached.
level: Error

That’s usually a database issue. It’s timing out trying to update a queue item. We’ve run into this and UiPath’s recommendation is to check how many rows are in your Orchestrator db’s Log table. A large number of rows can cause the db to choke up.

Thanks Paul!

Your suggestion solved the problem. Our db almost run out of space. We made necessary clearing and everything works smoothly now.

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