Error running processes from orchestrator while logged out but working when logged in to machine


When launching processes from orquestrator while i’m logeed out from the machine i’m having several erros in activities like click, send hotkeys, etc.
When I launch the process while i’m logged on to the machine it works fine.

The erros are usualy timeout. But I also had this one while using “send hotkey”:
Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI actions.

RemoteException wrapping UiPath.Core.ElementOperationException: Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI actions.

I’m running Orchestrator version 2019.10.17 with Robot/Studio version 21.4.4 can this be the problem?

Activities like reading excel and non interface work fine from orchestrator.
Activites that interact with the interface are not working.


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Did this thread help you on this scenario


We can still try with computer vision activities

Cheers @alexandre.m.correia

Hi @alexandre.m.correia,

Have you tried changing the key “LoginToConsole” to false under robot settings in orchestrator?



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Did you check SimulateType or SendWindowMessage properties for those Click and SendHotKey activities ? If not then check either of the option and then try once.

The problem was that I had the Robot installed only in Studio mode. The Unattended component was missing.
After installing it it now works fine.

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