Robot Doesn't exist when trying to connect Studio to Orchestrator

Hello There i’ve some trouble when i want to install my enterprise studio either via the assistant robot or the uipath luncher (after installation via platforminstaller)

He told me that i don’t have a Robot on my orchestrator but i 've done all the config

See there :

Tenant Machine

Folder Robot

Here the message on the Uipath Assitant

Can you please help me to fix this problem, because i cannot undertsand what i’ve done wrong…

Thanks in advance

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Do you have a package linked to the Devs environment?

Hi @BaptisteG,
Can you please check whether you have RPA Developer Pro license available from Tenant->License as shown below?

If it’s not available, please go to the Automation Cloud homepage and allocate the RPA Developer Pro license to your Tenant. Assistant will automatically get Connected, Licensed. Let me know if it’s helpful.

Hello yes i’ve a licence available see below :

I really don’t understand what is my problem

@BaptisteG - Have you provided the “domain\username” as it is what you get from command prompt with “whoami” command?

Yes i’ve use the command whoami to be sure to have the correct domain/user and the machine name is also the one indicated.

this why i cannot understand why i’ve this problem ! Last thing i’ve not tested is the downgrade of the uipath version ! i’ve seen that some people with the same problem as me did that 20.10 to 19 and fixed the problem

Strange., we need to find the reason.
@Pablito @loginerror @NIVED_NAMBIAR @Maneesha_de_silva @Nithin_P Are we missing something here? Can you guys help?

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@BaptisteG @JithinKP
Go to the environment and check, may doesn’t pick the correct robot as mentioned

Okay just did the test on a server with the 2019.12.0 version of Uipath Studio and the connection is working as you see bellow i’ve done the same configuration than the other one :

Version uipath


Orchestrator machine

Orchestrator Robot

The only difference between the two are :

  • Uipath studio version 19 instead of 20
  • Serveur instead of windows

Do you think there is problem with the 20 version of Uipath Studio ?

@BaptisteG - Shouldn’t be. Most of us are using 20.10. Let’s not downgrade before finding the root cause.
@Maneesha_de_silva - Environment shouldn’t be an issue for robot connectivity. Even if environment is not there it should first get Connected, Licensed right? I just tested it out.

I’ve configured the second connection like the first one, so on the orchestrator i’ve exactly the same logic to make the connection happen

Only difference as i said is the version of Uipath and the second studio is running under a server instead of a windows 10

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@BaptisteG - Can you clarify one more thing. With which user you have installed the UiPath in your machine? Is it the same “bge” user or any Administrator user?

I’m administrator on my windows ! i’ve juste succefully connected my studio in the orchestrator on my windows by using a 2019 version of Uipath Studio but if i tried with the above version (exemple 20) i’ve the error

just to be clear the bge account is my administrator account

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Hi @BaptisteG

Could you try disconnecting from the Cloud via Assistant and then using the machine key to connect your robot?

Alternatively, could you check if you have your robot details configured under Tenant → Users and then editing your user?

I’ve both robot configured under tenant → user as bellow :

try to activated direclty with the machine key but it’s not wworking either…

I don’t know if it’s relevant but should i’ve more than one service for Uipath here ? :

Could you show us the configuration of the attended robot under this edit menu:

You can access the menu via the Tenant → Users:

You should then see your user under the Tenant → Robots: