Robot does not exist at connecting UiPath Studio

Dear all,

From Studio I cannot log in due to appears the following message: “Robot does not exist”.

I have logged in Orchestrator, and from there I can execute processes. I have checked the status robot and it is OK. I have read the UiPath documentation related to this topic and I have done the steps, but it is not still working.

Do you know how can I handle this issue?


Hello @Angel_Llull

What is the Robot type?

Does your machine name match the machine name you have created for that Robot?

Is your machine in the environment under the folder that you have access to?


Hi @AndyMenon,

The robot type is Attended Robot. It is connectes without license in the Assistant I cannot open Studio and see the processes uploaded in Orchestrator from Assistant.

I have deleted the machine, and the robots. Afterthat I have again created the user/robot and a template machine. But it is not working…

Hi @Angel_Llull

If you are using Community Edition, you have 2 Attended Bot licenses and 1 Unattended Bot license. So when you connect, you are licensed. The question becomes:

If your machine template has been set correctly
If you have access to the folder in which your Robot operates

Also to note, if your Robot type is Attended and you open a project in Studio, your project will have limited editing capabilities because the role of an Attended Bot is to run automations from Assistant .


Hi @Angel_Llull,

Can you please check which license is assigned to you?

For that, please go to Tenant->Users-> go to your username → click on 3 dots and select edit, below screen would appear, Under Attended, please see which license is selected for you.

I sense its just attended for you.