Robot doesn't exist but exist at the same time, at least for Orchestrator

On my cloud instance I get two connected issues:

  1. My UIPath Studio is connected to Orchestrator, but the system tells me that the robot doesn’t exist, when instead exist, it’s connected to the machine but the system says that “is unlicensed”.
  2. When I go into the “UIPath Automation Cloud” platform, I see into the Admin → License what I’m attaching. It seems I have used 2 users (I just have configured 1 user in Orchestrator9), and others 2 RPA Developer Pro users (Again, I have 1 user, not 4). In “Robots and Services” I get 1 unattended robot and 1 Testing Robot, but my robot (just 1, not 2) is a RPA Developer Pro, and that’s it. I didn’t have any other robot. Take a look to the screenshots.

All screenshots are here: tech issue UIPath — ImgBB

Just to answer to questions you may have: I copied my ket directly using the feature into Orchestrator. UIPath Studio is able to connect correctly to Orchestrator. The robot on Orchestrator is connected to the machine, Orchestrator URL is correct (I just copied and pasted) and the username/Host is correct, as I just copied from the prompt command “whoami” and today I just corrected the format (adding caps where needed) but nothing. ALso, about the license issue, I just tried to delete the Orchestrator, and obviously all the stats was good, but when I created a new Orchestrator Instance, the issue came again. Without even accessing to the Orchestrator panel. Hope you will be able to help me.

Matteo S.

First issue seems was a problem related to when you configure the Machine, you should enter how many licenses you want to give to it.