Robot does not exist error


For the past few days I’ve been struggling with this “Robot does not exist” error when ever I want to try to do something Robot related, either if it’s debugging, running, publishing or just reinstalling Studio. I have checked the folders, users and their permissions, created a Machine, created a Robot and linked it to a Machine, all of them appear online and available, but whenever I try to use them, it gives me that error. Searched the forums for this exact problem, and found a few posts regarding this, but none fixed my issues, either because it did not work for me, or they were for the older versions.

Anyone that can help me with it ? I am not sure what info to provide as I am new to this, and I am sure that I have followed the right path, but maybe I have not entered the right data.

Hello @Ciprian_Teodor,

Welcome to the forums.
When you connect via Assistant, what message are you getting? If you are getting Connected Unlicensed and you hover your mouse over the message above, you will see a pop-up stating Robot does not exist.

One of the reasons it happens is if you were previously connected via Interactive Sign using the Sign In option, and later switch to Preferences and connect using the Machine key, UiPath Assistant allows you to connect, but then will display the invalid license message.

If you try running something, it is highly unlikely that anything will!

I would suggest the following:

Log out of the Orchestrator in your Browser
Quit Studio
Log out of the UiPath Assistant using the Sign out menu item
Disconnect any connections that you have established using the Machine Key
Quit and Restart UiPath Assistant
When you connect, make sure to connect only via one method - Machine Keys or Interactive Sign In, but never both.
Restart Studio

Hope this helps.