Robot does not exist in cloud platform

Hello friend,

I had problem to publish my package into the cloud platform
i’m using studio pro 2020 4.1 beta22
i had done the provisioning, create a robot with “studio pro” and the domaine\username
add the robot to an envirement.

but when publishing the code: the robot does not exist !!!

in the assistant the status is : connected not licensed

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@abdel, please see if this helps:

hi @abdel
This is regarding your your robot not connected with Uipath Robot Tray
Open your robot tray and check the license statues

Until your status shows as below your robot not connect properly
If Shows : Connected : Licensed

So go to your robot and machine setting and check as well as go to your robot tray==> orchestrator setting and add the relevant details correctly

i had done the correct manipulation:

but still diconnected!!!

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check this

with your robot tray, check the connection of robot tray
((Starting : 2.10))

Thank you, it worked for me…!

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