Trying to manually connect Robot to Orchestrator display Status as Unlicensed


This is my first attempt to connect Robot to Orchestrator using UiPath Studio Pro 2020.4.1-beta.22 - 5/11/2020 Community License. License Provider: Internal.

As per the new requirements instructions, I have opened up UiPath Robot → Orchestrator Settings → In the Orchestrator Configuration window → provided Machine Name, Orchestrator URL = ```
UiPath and Machine Key.
Click on ‘Connect’ button, but the ‘Status’ field display as ‘Unlicensed’.
I am not sure if that is okay or not?

I then went back to my UiPath Studio - opened my Main.xaml file and click on Run button.
I am getting error message: Robot does not exist. Also, the bottom UiPath Studio status window display ‘Orchestrator Not Connected.’

If I mouse hover on UiPath Assistant - 20.4.1, it display ‘Connected, Unlicensed’.

Can someone please help me what am I missing or doing it wrong?

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Can someone please help me to resolve my issue?

hi @h_kapadia
You have 2 things to correct
1 . Robot does not exist.
This error might be comming as the reason of your Orchestrator has not created a robot yet ,
to so that you have to create a robot first in orchestrator
(Create a machine first then create a robot relevant to that machine)
when you creating the robot use your domain name as the robot name(go to cmd and type “whoami” will show you the name)
2. Status’ field display as ‘Unlicensed’.
This error come according to your robot tray dosent connected with corrected name

Hi Maneesha_de_silva,

In UiPath Orchestrator - I have already created a Machine Name using my computer name and a Robot under Management folder.

But the UiPath Studio still display ‘Robot Error’.

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ok now go to your robot tray and add the correct machine name , and machine key

I already entered all the values but when i click on Connect button the Status says ‘Unlicensed’.orchestrator_settings_060320

seems like your Orchestrator Url is wrong
if you cannot find your name contain url Try only this” <== in to orchestrator url

If I simply enter Orchestrator URL = with Machine Name and Machine Key. Click on Connect button then I am getting error message: Invalid machine key.
Is it because my UiPath Studio Community licensed is trying to connect to cloud instead of local. I am not quite sure what am I doing it wrong?

Hello their,

I deleted my existing service, robot, etc. and re-created all over again making sure that I do not miss any steps. This time my Robot got connected to UiPath Orchestrator and everything is working fine.

Thanks for all your help.

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