Robot Creation option is not present

Hi Team,

Add Robot option is disabled(grayed out ) in Orchestrator we actually created a Orchestrator and Robot using Microsoft Azure Service.

Please help on this.


Can any please help on this blog?

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Do you have administrative privileges in Orchestrator? Please check your permission level.

Thanks your reply @KannanSuresh

Yes i am login with admin credential only. But still i could see the Robot Create option is grayed out.
Do you have any idea of creating Orchestrator using web app in Azure Service?

Have you configured machines?

@KannanSuresh Yes i configured machine also. but still no luck

Just for test purposes. Please try one of those:

  1. Remove Cache and Cookies and try again.
  2. Check in Incognito mode if it’s still greyed out.
  3. Try other web browser.