Option to create robot not available


I’m going through the ‘Orchestrator for Developers’ module and watching a video showing how to configure a robot. The issue is just that I can’t do that as the ‘+’ sign is not available as it is in the video. I click to Tenant → Robots - no ‘+’ sign. I have tried to give myself permission to Robot through ‘Roles’, but that doesn’t help. The user interface doesn’t supply any information as to why the option to create robots is not there. The video neither. Other people on the internet have asked the same question, but I have been able to locate a meaningful answer:

Why is the option to configure robots not available to me?

(And if the tutorial creators are watching, why am I left in the dark?)

Thank you to anyone who can provide a suggestion/answer.

Hello @henrik.norgaard I had similar issues. what i simply did was to publish a process to my orchestrator and automatically I got a robot assigned to it

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Hi @MasterOfLogic,

Thanks for your reply.
So, what you’re saying is that the video material is outdated (like most of the other material in the course :D)?

I’m not yet sure how to publish a process to Orchestrator, but maybe that comes later in the course.

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lool i think so , I stand to be corrected.

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Am having the similar issue but nothing fruitful to solve it. Were you able to Solve it? Pleas share some info