Unable to create a robot in orchestrator version 2022.10.7

Unable to create a robot in orchestrator version 2022.10.7 , can someone please help to how to create robot in the above version ? please reffer the screenshots cant find any option to create a robot


Follow this steps:

-Once you are in the Robots section, there should be an option to create a new robot.
-Give your robot a unique name.
-Optionally, add a description.
-Select the type of robot
-Enter the credentials that the robot will use to log in.
-Click on the Create button to create the robot.
-After creating the robot, you should receive a confirmation message or be redirected to a page displaying the details of the newly created robot.


no option in robots section to create one

-Ensure that your user account has the necessary permissions to create robots.
-Make sure you are in the correct organization or tenant where you intend to create the robot. The ability to create robots may be restricted based on organizational settings.
-If you are working in an enterprise environment, there might be system-wide changes or restrictions imposed by the Orchestrator administrator. Contact your Orchestrator administrator to inquire about any limitations or changes.
If you’ve checked the above steps and still can’t find the option to create a robot, it’s advisable to contact UiPath support.

You are not in the correct screen for creating the robots. In Tenant β†’ Robots, you are only seeing them.

Make sure you are the admin user in Orchestrator.

You need to access β†’ Tenant β†’ Manage Access β†’ Manage Accounts & Groups

A page will be open https://your_orch_hostname/identity/management/users β†’ click on Robot accounts β†’ Add Robot Account

Return to Orchestrator β†’ Tenant β†’ Manage Access β†’ Assign Roles β†’ Robot account

In the end you will see the created robot account in the Tenant β†’ Robots page

Note: For a local user account is similar, except in Manage Account & Groups you are adding a user β†’ then that user you are adding in Orchestrator in Manage Access β†’ then you are setting that user as an Attended or/and Unattended robot

For your robot account/local account/AD account to be able to execute job processes, you need to make sure that the robot has assigned to it these roles:

Allow to be Automation User at the Tenant level


Automation User at the folder level (in the folder(s) where the process is present)

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