Robot connected to orchestrator, but no processes available in system tray

I have a robot connected and licensed with orchestrator. The robot has a heartbeat and is Available. In orchestrator, I have made a process that uses my robotin the environment that I specified, and there is a green checkmark next to that process so I assume everything is good with that. I want to run a job with this process, but there is no robot in the list…

and there is no process available in the system tray…

What am I missing here?

If you have provisioned your Robot as Attended Robot, you wont be able to see it in the jobs.

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Hmm, so if we’re using the community edition and have 0 of 0 licenses for anything other than development, then we just won’t be able to see it in jobs? I had one working a couple of days ago, and ran it as development in Orchestrators Jobs, but I have since deleted that robot so I could make room for a couple of other development robots since I am only allowed 2 licenses. However, I can’t get the new robots I provisioned and made processes for to show up in ‘jobs’.

Still don’t get why there is nothing in tray, it should.
Could you show the Robots page?

Already tried defining it as attended, but Orchestrator wont let me; it throws an error saying I dont have enough licenses. The only licenses I have are the 2under development.

Here’s my robots page…

Your environment column looks empty. Did you add your robot to environment?

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Thanks @vvaidya, that was the problem.


Even after adding environment, process is not shown in the tray.

I tried processing a job by selecting the process in the same environment in the same robot. It through the below exception.

But could see project created in C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Projects with correct version.

Did you get a chance to check this?

Thanks @vvaidya,

Sorted out. I removed the extension in my domain name it worked.

I’m having a similar problem, except:
I have created an environment,
I have uploaded a package,
UIpath Robot shows: “Connected, licensed”
but, there are no processes in the tray

@BenMann is this issue resolved, if yes can you pls share how you fixed it.

Yeah, I hadn’t set up the environment correctly. I can’t remember the details

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Go to Environment tab, create a new environment and then click on manage the environment. You need to associate your robot with this environment before you can use it.