How to configure robot for classic folder to make process visible in UiPath assistant

Why can't I see my process in the robot tray after publishing it to Orchestrator?

1. The robot is not provisioned on Orchestrator.

Please make sure to create your robot to Orchestrator and connect it as explained in our documentation here.

2. The configured robot is not a part of the process environment.

When a process is created on Orchestrator, a required field is the “Environment”. This will create the connection between the process and all robots that are allowed to run this process.
Please make sure that the Environment that the Process was created under matches the Robot Environment. To check:

  • Go to the Processes tab on Orchestrator and check the environment for the particular process you are trying to run: image.png
  • Compare this value with the Environments that the configured Robot is a part of:
  • image.png

If the Robot needs to be added to the Environment that the process is a part of:
  • Go to Robots->Environments on Orchestrator
  • Click the three dots and "Manage" for the desired environment and add the Robot. Processes from this environment should now be visible in the robot tray. image.png
For more information on Environments, please check here .