Robot connected to orchestrator, but no processes available in robot tray

Hello, I am currently experiencing an issue with the UiPath Robot and Orchestrator. I’ve been reading through this community forum, but I haven’t been able to find anything that resolves my issue.

Since this is my first post I cannot put multiple pictures in the post but, I have listed the info

I have a package in my orchestrator:

  • Name = helloWorld
  • Description = Test
  • Published = 21 hours ago

A process established with it:

  • Name = helloWorld
  • Version = 1.0.6869.22270
  • Environment = Dev Environment

and a job to run it:
process = helloWorld_Dev Environment
Robot = TestBot (State: Available)

I have setup a robot with the following settings:

  • Name = TestBot
  • Type = Unattended
  • Machine = [filled out but not included in this post]
  • Username = Bob_the_BOT
  • Environment = Dev Environment
  • Heartbeat = a few seconds ago
  • Status = available
  • runtime settings = default

When I attempt to run the job I get the following message:

When I check on the robot process on the TestBot machine, I don’t see any processes available but it does confirm it’s connected.

Does anyone have any ideas why this issue is occurring, or what I could possibly try to do to resolve it.
Thank you!

Please verify once if the password for the robot in which you are trying to run is correct and not the expired one.

I confirmed that the password for the robot is correct by updating the robot in orchestrator and ensuring I was able to log into the machine with the robot account. I then ran the job and got the same error message as listed above.

Hello @zwils0,

Have you checked Frequently Encountered Orchestrator Errors?

Executor start process failed, reason: A specified logon session does not exist. It may already have been terminated
There are two types of occurances:
A. Every time you try to start the Robot - This means that a logon session cannot be created at the moment. This happens if you are connected to the Robot machine with a different username with RDP. To avoid this error, sign off all the RDP connections on the Robot machine.
B. Randomly - In this case, you can attempt the following:

  • Check if the Robot machine has enough resources (CPU, Memory).
  • Check the connection time using the mstsc command-line function. If the 60 seconds timeout period expires, the error is displayed.

Best Regards,

Have a look at this as well,

Rammohan B.

Hello all thank you for your assistance,


  • I confirmed that there we no users running on the machine and retested without and benefit. (this was happening every time.


  • I did look at that forum post and that did not resolve the issue.

What has appeared to fix the issue:

  1. Restarted the UiPath Robot Service:
    ( Run -> Type Services.msc -> UiPath Robot (restart) )
  2. Created a sample project on the unattended bot machine (using the bot user) and publishing the project.

I am unsure which of the 2 steps fixed the issue, but after I did that the UiPath Robot downloading all the project files it was missing. I was able to run the bot through the UiPath Robot Tray and the Orchestrator Successfully.

Thanks again for your great ideas! :slight_smile:

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