No process available in Robot after deploying in Orchestrator



I have connected my UI Path Robot with orchestrator,
Added new Process in orchestrator
But UIPath Robit showing as no processes available.


Error: Schedule for process could not be started. Undefined robot
Error while starting job from orchestrator API

Hi Naresh,

Your screenshot is showing the Robot Settings. You mean you don’t have available processes in Robot tray? After deploying a process in Orchestrator almost immediately appears in Robot tray.


It should look like in the screenshots above. Is this the case?


Thanks @ovi,

I missed environment setup for robot.Now Its working .


I have Done Environment Setup, ROBOT Setup and its showing available…also scheduled my job, also changed the Log Level. but getting issue “Undefined ROBOTS”… also i tried to tun manually but in Job Pannel No Robot is showing… Screenshot attached… Need Help…!

Maunal Job


@ashishkumarsingh1, seems that you haven’t added your bot to environment

Refer this Cant find the robot while starting a job

Dominic :slight_smile:


Yes it works…

Thanks alot!!!