Connected, Unlicensed Uipath Assistant Error


I have created 1 unattended bot in the orchestrator. but when I connect it to the machine I see connected, unlicensed written in uipath assistant probably due to which all my tasks are going into pending state and remain in the pending state. It was working perfectly till 21st October 2020 and then I restarted my machine and since then all my tasks are going in pending state and when I saw uipath assistant I showed connected, Unlicensed at the bottom.
Any help @cristi_pufu. You have previously commented on a similar issue in this post

@Palaniyappan @Pablito @loginerror

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If possible Can I have a screenshot of robot tab in orchestrator having that robot and it’s status

Cheers @rameezimtiaz

Double-checking robot and machine configuration is also a good point to start. Right domain name entered, misspelled user-name, allocated license-type and machine name correct?

I got the same issue but the problem with Domain\username .

Check in cmd prompt for whoami command.

Hi @rameezimtiaz and @kc-x,
We would like to track this issue and we need some information from you. It would be great if you could help us by doing:

  • A screenshot of the tab Unattended Robot in Orchestrator (we want to see the domain\username entered there)
  • A DiagTool report - just go to start menu and type “Diagnostic tool”. You should have this

Please share with us screenshots and reports from Diag Tool. You can send them by PM to me :slight_smile:
Thank you in advance!

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