Robot can not find and click when outlook has error message box

Hi everyone!

When running my process I am sending email with encryption.For some of my receivers this is not possible and I have no rule to seperate them at the first place. I should try to send with encryption one time after that I can send them without encryption. In my case Outlook has giving me an error as you can see in screenshot picture. I could not make this error closed with any type of click activity in uipath.

Do you guys have any solution idea?

Thank you in advance

Screenshot (9)|690x429

Hi Emre,

You just can’t indicate those buttons? Or what.

I have tried all click activities in uipath by one by but unfortunately none of them works in my situation.

What do you mean with “your situation”? Is it throwing exception? Can’t you indicate buttons?

Hi, you can use Element Exists activitiy and if this is true can use Sendhotkey activity to choose the right button.

Sorry about late reply but I figured it out my problem was about default timeout of send outlook email activity. Default is 30 seconds thought something is going wrong

Thank you for reply but it was about default timeout

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