Retry Init State in REFramework


I am using the REFramework for a process. I want to retry(or rerun) the whole process from the init state when a particular exception occurs in the Init state itself. Is there any way I can do it?

I tried to create a new trigger but failed. I am not using any orchestrator queue also.

Can someone help me with an efficient solution for this. Thanks in advance.

Refer this How to restart application - #2 by Palaniyappan?


In the Init state we ideally initialize all applications that are used. So the ideal exception you will get is an application exception (which can be assigned to the SystemError) variable.
Since orchestrator Queue is not used you can set the max number of retries in the config file constants sheet.
In the settransactionstatus you can remove any references to the queues but have the logic for retry and try.

Hope this helps.

Hi @SowmyaLeo

The process is not going to the SetTransactionStatus because it is error-ed out in the Init state itself. SystemError variable is set after the exception and it is moving to the EndProcess state.
I want to redirect it to Init state when a particular exception occurs. Is there any way of doing that.



I think you can use the ErrorAction.Retry with a retry count in the Catch block.

I haven’t tried this yet, but please give it a try… you can extract the relevant information from this attached link (This one is for Global Exception Handler)

Global Exception Handler

Or another option would be to just copy what is in the retry action in SetTransactionStatus into the catch block of the Init state

Use enhanced RE-Framework, its having mechanism to retrigger the BOT when error occurred in INIT itself.

Please find Enhanced REFramework in attachment.

Thanks… (1019.2 KB)