How to retry if anything fails in the Init state of the RE framework?

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As we know in the RE framework the Init state is connected to End State in case of System Error. But what if we want to retry after closing the applications?

In my project i am navigating to a specific page which is an one time activity in the Init state. So that the repetitive part can be handled in Process state.

But what if any selector issue or any system issue arises while navigating ? It will just go to End state and close all applications. But I want it should retry so that may be the system issue would have been resolved in the next try.

Hi @kkp

Reframework that is seen in Uipath is just a template u can modify the State machine layout in any way u want

Let’s say if u want to retry the init state u have to make ur system in such a way it should try at init state if any system exception is caused in the init state

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But How ?

Any suggestions ??

Hello @kkp

You can add new transition(named as Retry ) in Init State. Init cath sequence, you can set a new boolean variable and use that variable at new transition condition.

But you should update System Exception and Successful transition.

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Thanks @abdullahtayhan. I will try.

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I had attached one of my workflow for reference

in this workflow u can see that how i made changes in reframework so that it retries at INIT state in case of system exception

Let me know if it works for you
Main.xaml (70.9 KB)

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