Exception in REframework


If there is system exception in reframework it will come to end state
and bot will stop, how can i make the bot to run automatically if there is exception
i dont want bot to stop it should again start automatically.

Hi @T_Y_Raju ,

That can be done by enabling Retry in Queues(if you are using Queues) or specify the retry in the configuration file(if you are not using Queues).

Here is a short tutorial to get you started →

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Ashwin A.K

@T_Y_Raju in this framework the system exception at initialization state and also at get transaction data state makes the bot to go to end state. May I know which state you are talking about

how i can call init process from end process.
scenario : if any error occur in init state (config issue/application login/…) [robot] goes to end process but i want that [robot] again call init state and retry everything from start

@T_Y_Raju You can remove the current node connected to the end process from initialization state. And you can drag another node and connect to the same state (initialization) also change the condition for that node according to your requirement. Refer to the below screenshot

Please find the below workflow for ref

RoboticEnterpriseFramework.zip (985.2 KB)

Hi @T_Y_Raju

It looks like your Try/Catch block is preventing any exceptions to be raised in order for the ReFramework to handle them correctly. The Catch portion of the Try/Catch is catching the exception and the process is continuing on thinking that the transaction was successful. You can fix this two ways:

Remove the Try/Catch block so that any system errors will trigger the ReFramework to set the Transaction Status to System Error.


If you still want to use a try catch block, place a “Rethrow” activity inside the Catch portion of the Try/Catch block as the last activity. This will Rethrow the exception that was caught and throw it to a higher level so that the ReFramework can handle it.

Have a look on the thread