RE-Framwork -calling init state again from end state


For curiosity can anyone help me how i can call init process from end process.
scenario : if any error occur in init state (config issue/application login/…) robot goes to end process but i want that robot again call init state and retry everything from start . if it all goes fine then move to get transaction process.
this retry will be 2 time. if after 2 times also system error came then it goes to end process and close the application


I am not sure about any recommendations about not changing the REFramework too much. You should look into those if you can. It might give you an idea of to achieve the outcome you are after, without making significant changes to the state machine.

To answer your question, you can transition back to ‘Init State’ by introducing an intermediate state.
There are two types of states

  1. State
  2. Final State

Please note how their icons are slightly different, ‘Final State’ has a Stop symbol on it

The ‘End Process’ is of type ‘Final State’ which is why it only has ‘Entry’ section and doesn’t have ‘Exit’ or ‘Transition(s)’ sections.
If you use a ‘State’ activity to send ‘System Error’ from ‘Init’, then you can transition back to ‘Init’ 2 times and on the third instance, transition to ‘End Process’.


Final State:

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Hi @TUSHAR_DIWASE to make your init state being retried even if system exception occured at injnt state

U need to.modify the reframework Accordingly to ur requirements

Just check this one :How to retry if anything fails in the Init state of the RE framework? - #6 by NIVED_NAMBIAR

Here i posted the main.xaml which helps to retry at init state even system exception occurs for a max init retry