Retry logic in Init state?

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As we know in the RE framework the Init state is connected to End State in case of System Error. But what if we want to retry after closing the applications?

In my project i am navigating to a specific page which is an one time activity in the Init state. So that the repetitive part can be handled in Process state.

But what if any selector issue or any system issue arises while navigating ? It will just go to End state and close all applications. But I want it should retry so that may be the system issue would have been resolved in the next try.


You can keep a Try Catch, In Try any exception caused then in Catch you can place your logic

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Hi @kkp,

what you can do is incorporate the whole logic in a try catch and then a do while loop , after that apply an activity like element exists on any element that appears as you login to application, take a flag and mark it true . if conditions become true exit from the loop else in catch section of try catch take a if and in that check for exceptions like the flow will come in catch if their is only an exception though, so take a counter in the try and increase it by 1 whenever an error is encountered, in the catch section if check something like exceptioncounter < hardcodedmaximum exceptions . This will let you retry no. of times you want to else pass a throw which will stop the process.

Thats it.


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Go through the mentioned thread for better understanding.