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So within the Re-framework, if a system exception occurs, I have the option of retrying the transaction itself. The bot will shut down all of the applications and then re-initialize them to retry the transaction.

The problem occurs if there is a failure in the INIT state, then the bot will completely shut down without retrying. Is there a way to force the bot to retry even the INIT state a certain amount of times before shutting down?

Hi @sasho1987,

You can create one transition/trigger from Init to Init with condition as systemExcepion is Nothing along with number of retry condition, this will work if the number of retry condition is independent of Config variable as we might get exception while reading config file as well.

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So for example, if SystemException is Not Nothing AND INIT_Retry is less than 3 transition back to the INIT state otherwise go to End Process?

yes you are correct that’s how it should be designed

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