Response status code does not indicate success: 400 (Bad Request)

I’m using get credential activity but unable to retrieve credential from orchestrator Error says “Response status code does not indicate success: 400 (Bad Request).” Please help me with this.

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You Get Asset activity having the same problem, can you share an example

Thank you so much for replying …
Mistake was from my end , robot wasn’t connected to Orchestrator.

Great! so its working now

Yes definitely it does!! Thank you.

Hello, could you tell me more about how you fix the problem? To be honest, I got the same problem. How did you connect to Ochestrator? through publish the robot?

Hi , just publish your application and you will be able to access that file in orchestrator as a nuget package just upload it n connect to the desired robot.

I have published the process to Ochestrator, but still got the same problem…
It shows 400(Bad request) and said “invalid properties for execution target”, I am not sure where the problem is…