Orchestrator not fully communicating with studio and assistant

Hello, maybe someone can help me. After I updated license, something went wrong. I connected assistant with machine key, but it doesn’t show any processes there and if I start any process from orchestrator it will run until asset is needed. Then I see an error: “Get Credential: You are not authenticated! Error code: 0”.
Has anyone had same problem?

Hi @EdgarasG

Get credential activity is used to get windows credentials

If you want get asset value you have to use Get Asset Activity

Hope its solves your issue

Robin S

Thank you for your answer, but I think it tries to get credential from orchestrator. It says that in activity: “Gets a specified Orchestrator credential by using a provided AssetName , and returns a username and a secure password.”
It worked fine, but after license update, process stops when reaches this activity.
And as I said, assistant doesn’t show my process list. Before update all processes were there.

Hello @EdgarasG,

How is your robot connected to Orchestrator? Is your robot working in unattended mode?

Yes, it’s working in unattended mode.

Hi @EdgarasG

Can you please try the below?

Removed the robot from the orchestrator and added it again.


downgrading the system.activities to 20.4.0

Thank you.

I thank all of you for helping me.
Found the solution in here: Update/Renew Orchestrator Certificate Post Tasks

Have a great day!


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