"Get Orchestrator Credential Faulted" error When invoking GetAppCredentials Activity in RE Frame work [Solved]

Current behavior: "“Get Orchestrator Credential Faulted” error invoking GetAppCredentials framework. Tried to pass the Orchestrator asset value instead of getting from config still same error. I am stuck and appreciate your help in resolving it

can you please check the asset name is entered correctly in Orchestrator

Thanks for quick response. I am using the same value “ACME_Credential” in Orchestrator and workflow. Keep getting the same error.

check your robot connected with Orchestrator .?

I am not running the robot from Orchestrator. Only getting the credentials. Doing the Level 3 Assignment 1 Calculate Client Security Hash

@ramv to get Credential from Orchestrator you must connect your robot to Orchestrator. The studio can get any assets from Orchestrator through Robot only.

So Add your robot to Orchestrator, then it will resolve your problem. if not please let us know.

Could you please share how to connect the Studio to Orchestrator

Thank you my friend issue is resolved by connecting the Robot to Orchestrator. Thanks lot for your help

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