When i am running unattended bot its failing and its working fine when i running same in attended mode

When i am running unattend

ed bot its failing and its working fine when i running same in attended mode.
Please help me out in this.

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Hy @Puneet_Singh3,

Is there any error message popping up?

One thing to check: put full path off all files used in the process, excel files.


I already gave the full path. Here is the error message. Same thing when i am running in attended mode on bot machine its running file but getting an issue in unattended mode

Have you tried SimulateClick or SendWindowsMessage options?

Did you set the correct settings for your unattended robot? For your UIAutomation selectors to work property, you need to set the screen properties of your unattended robot’s machine exactly the same as the development environment you created the workflow in.

Go to the unattended robot’s settings page (look here) and set Resolution Width, Resolution Height, Resolution Depth and Font Smoothing exactly the same as what’s already defined in the machine that you have created your workflow.

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This is an existing bot there are some errors in bot i fix those and its running fine on my system and bot machine in attending mode but when i try this in unattended mode this get fail. I am also new to uipath so didnt get the exact issue.

Bot fail at initial stage only means after login i did fixes in last part it didnt reach there it fails before only.

How do you start the job in unattended mode?

For testing purpose i start the job manually from different system by selecting prod bot

Manually means from orchestrator

Alright then. I think there’s a high possibility of resolution problem. And it’s because the production robot must have the same resolution as the machine you designed your workflow in. Please go to Orchestrator and open up your unattended robot and in the settings section of your robot, do the actions I’ve explained above. After you set the settings, go to your robot’s machine and open up Services in Windows and restart UiPath Robot service.

Thank you guys for the support.
@atoi yes problem is with resolution and one with selector.
Again Thank you all.

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Hy @Puneet_Singh3,

For a Robot to run in another computer it must be like exactly the same the computer it was designed.
I have faced myself issues like this :frowning:

Happy automation

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