Problems with unattended robots running them from the orchestrator

Hello, I need urgent help, all my servers where the unattended robots operate stopped working, once the orchestrator triggers are fired, it breaks when trying to enter the different screens under Internet Explores, if I log in to the server and run it manually (attended) works correctly.

the orchestrator throws us a selector error, when we log in to the server we see that the internet explorer is misconfigured in the zoom or resolution, I need urgent help, we do not know how to solve it, do you have any other background or idea of how to help me? Thanks a lot

Are you logging into these servers then disconnecting from the session? Don’t do that. LOG OUT of the session.

Also, you shouldn’t put this post in Feedback. You should put this in Help.

Hello, thanks for your comment, but it doesn’t add anything to the obsolete, I have a fatal problem with unattended robots, all of them stopped working under internet explore, I still don’t have a solution to the problem


Welcome to Community.

Please check the Internet Explorer Resolution During Unattended mode and during attended mode.

Please find the steps below to change.

  • Right-click on the desktop and select Properties > Settings tab.
  • Move the slider to select a screen resolution of at least 1024 by 768 pixels.
  • Click OK.



Is it a production issue in an Enterprise environment? If so, please contact our technical support via this form:

Otherwise, if it is a community license, we could still try to help, but you would need to provide more details. What is your version of Studio/Robot? Has it been updated and this is what broke your environment? Or was there something else that happened that might have caused it?

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