Reply to Email in Office 365 Scope


Is there any way to reply to an email/conversation using the Office 365 scope Mail activities? Or maybe an alternative?

Outlook do have a Reply To Outlook Mail activity, you may check it out

I realize that, but I am looking for a way to reply using the newer Office 365 connection. The Outlook Mail activities require Outlook desktop to be installed and logged in, right?

yes that requires outlook to be installed, that’s just an alternative you asked for

Currently we don’t have reply to using O365 integration but may be it’ll be a good to have feature. @loginerror can comment if this can be considered for the future update

Hi @Titus_Vandezande

Do you mean this recently announced service?

If so, I believe this explains it best:

I would expect our team to already work towards full parity between the old and new functionalities (whenever technically possible). :slight_smile:

Hi @loginerror,

I actually hadn’t come across that yet. Looks like a great solution, but I’m not finding a good way to get mail using a search query… Am I missing something there? I would like to get all unread sorted oldest first, then in a separate workflow I would like to get individual emails by filtering by InternetMessageId or similar.

Looks like I posted this question just a day too early. MicrosoftOffice365.Activities v 1.11.0 includes an activity for replying to an email.

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