Repeated values in next form, then how to AUTOMATE?is there ANY way how to do it

Hi all,

I am having a Data table DT3.
from this DT3 i have to loop through and then put the values row by row to the following form. ----- I have done this{i.e i am capable of entering the value to the 1st form only}

Ex: consider that DT3 has 10 rows. then the 1st form takes 7 rows.

so how shall i loop through and make sure i am entering the right values in to the quantiy field for the corresponding material.

Please help me out with this.

Thanks in advance


Try to capture the Itm number and enter the values based on Itm number (first column).

To solve this: declare 2 vars itemcount =0 and iRowIndex=0

  1. Use a while loop with condition : itemcount < DT3.Rows.count
  2. Add a if condition iRowIndex >= 13
    …Then use click to next page and set iRowIndex = 0
    … Else nothing
  3. Inside the while loop you have to use a GetText with dynamic selector having value of iRowIndex
  4. Output of the get text will be used to get value from DT3. like DT3.Rows(gettexvar-1)(“Quattity”)
  5. Next use a typeInto activity with dynamic selector having value of iRowIndex.
  6. Set itemcount = gettexvar
  7. Set iRowIndex= iRowIndex+2

This will solve your issue and automate the process :slight_smile:

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