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hello, need help here, i have case like below

i need to input in Material Request Quantity same as in Quantity Order, and repeat (for each row) untill all record fullfill.

as per my understanding, i need to create loop then use Get Text and paste on it, but still confused, how come get text Activity can be loop.



JusT Try Hit enter if reach to next the row.

Then We do it.

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For Get Text Activity to loop you need to build a selector which will work for different rows

Check the selector and choose if you have Row tag and check for two rows if it is changing then you can declare a variable for index for the For Each and accordingly you can pass to the Get Text activity

Hope this may help you


Hi @Felix_Gunawan

Firstly get the total number of rows present.

Loop through the total count using For Each.

Pass an Variable for the For Each Index

Check if the Selectors for Material Request and Order quantity contain an attribute called “Row id”, pass the index variable here and that will loop through the entire rows and enter the value.


Hi @Felix_Gunawan

Based a specific counter number you can iterate the get text activity. Once certian number gets verified, execution will come out from the loop…


i have checked in Selector, its like below on every row, each line is added by two

then, how to assign and write to Column Material Request Quantity

Thanks ya.

yes, i have created variable on index, but when to second line, there’s stop , because it become row 2, it should to row 3,

below is what i created.
Sequence.xaml (8.3 KB)

instead of get text scrap data first and try to write after you can use anchor base while iterating or else use get attribute and fill the data

yyes, already do that, but when try to get text to next column, UI Path cannot Identify selector.

Hi @Felix_Gunawan,

Since tableRow attribute is incremented by 2,

  1. we can update the selector as “bacaColumn” instead of “bacaColumn+1”

  1. Then, add assign activity which increments by 2

start value of “bacaColumn” will be 1


Please tell me if my understanding was correct.

still eror, if i remove 1, then selector become 0, it shoul on tableRow=“1”,
i have input in variable with default 1


also i have try like below, and show correct row, but it still error


i double check to selector on next row, its like below.


is there any missing activity or something else? pls advise.

Are you adding this variable manually or Are you adding this variable by right click and than select variable?

i’m using CTRL + K (set Var) on output index

1.Create int32 variable from variables panel.
2.Make sure to set default value to that variable to 1.
3.Right Click on Table row value and than select variable from there.

Hope it will help you.


Still in this case there’s anyone can solve this.

Hi @Felix_Gunawan ,

We see that there are multiple suggestions provided for your case, hence we would hope you would have progressed a little further with the Looping part or Do you need help from the scratch ?

Could you let us know what is your progress or if you are stuck at a particular part, could you mention it ?

Thanks for you answering my question, yet i have another way to fulfill in my case.

Check for idx value is increasing

Kindy explain the way which you have achieved your answer and mark that as solution
So that will be helpfull for others