Unable to add data into second row in web application everytime it is replacing the first row

this is the screenshot for table

have you included a step in your program to go to the next row? If so, can you share what step you’ve used?

I need the logic for getting into next row actually

after entering data in the last field of first row, you can use tab key to get to the next row. Then you can start writing values there

I tried by giving tab key…but its not working

what result are you getting?

staying in same row

Can you share the selector you’re using? There’s probably a tableRow attribute or something like that, which you should be able increment with a counter. Could also be that the row number is “hidden” inside one of the other elements of the selector. For example, I’ve seen stuff like this:


Where the number between the brackets was the table row :slight_smile:

Thank you for the idea :grinning: