Repeated values in a Page. Enter it through DT3

Hi All,

I have created a project its almost complete…
Well i have to enter the values in 3 to 4 Pages by click on next Page icon…

From DT3 i am entering the values to - Page 1 and Page 2…
And some of the values are repeated from Page 1 to Page 2.
Using DT3 in foreach loop i have entered one by one values to the Quantity.

So i have written the Code for these 2 Pages…
How shall i fill them dynamically?
The Code is working Perfectly… But now how shall i make it to work other Pages too

Here is the screen shot of code

If any one will help me it would be of great help.


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Can Anyone Please help me how shall i loop through the DT3 for all the pages??
I have got the count of rows…
I am able to get the repeated values too…
The same code should be looped but for each loop i cant take

To solve this: declare 2 vars itemcount =0 and iRowIndex=0

  1. Use a while loop with condition : itemcount < DT3.Rows.count
  2. Add a if condition iRowIndex >= 13
    …Then use click to next page and set iRowIndex = 0
    … Else nothing
  3. Inside the while loop you have to use a GetText with dynamic selector having value of iRowIndex
  4. Output of the get text will be used to get value from DT3. like DT3.Rows(gettexvar-1)(“Quattity”)
  5. Next use a typeInto activity with dynamic selector having value of iRowIndex.
  6. Set itemcount = gettexvar
  7. Set iRowIndex= iRowIndex+2

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