Unable to enter input values into the required text field while looping

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In my workflow I am trying to automate a web site.
My web application is a promotion website where we need to validate each and every receipt.

In my workflow I am using the below activities to validate the receit.

  1. Excel Application Scope – To read the excel file.
  2. Read Range – To read specified row.
  3. For Each Row – To loop through and in this loop I am clicking on “Receipt Items” drop down and select the required item as shown in below screenshot.
  4. When I click on Add Item button there will be a new Item field showed up below Add Item button as shown in below screenshot.5
  5. I am able to enter values into Price and Quantity successfully for the first time.

The below screenshot show you a drop down list box where I can search with the product numbers as select the Items.
Image 1:
Image 2

  1. If the receipt contains more then one product I am able to select the product from the drop down list successfully. as shown in below screenshot.

  2. But now when I am trying to fill Price and Quantity fields, the values are getting entered in the first Item Price and Quantity.

Question: Can anyone suggest me how can I enter text into the second Price and Quantity fields.

Additional screenshots
When I inspect the Items fields with “UI Explorer” I can see the Items fields as below

Check your selectors. Make it dynamic to accommodate the second text box.

Use dynamic selectors.
in your case make use of wild card characters for table row and table column numbers

Hi @Bhaskar_Mukka,
You will be using dynamic selectors for that. I believe that there is at least one dynamic part there because it it Item 1,2 and so on.
You can find a sample dynamic selector xaml file here:
Your XAML Solutions for most common issues (WIKI POST, anyone can edit)

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks Everyone :slight_smile:

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