Repeat Entry of Hash Data - Assignment 1 (Advanced)

Hi All - I have completed assignment 1, with a few issues but the latest one I can’t get past is entering the Hash Details.

The Workflows keep entering the same one as opposed to moving onto the next Work Item in the Queue - It seems all the browser windows remainSystem1_ExtraClientInformation.xaml (9.2 KB) open - possibly causing this first one to be continually selected.

I have tried entering a close browser activity at the end of this but it doesn’t seem to work.

Any Help would be great!

Hi, @Kyleb91! Welcome to UiPath Forum!

I hope this will help.

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Thanks Sergey - this seems to be the issue indeed - but adding the +1 doesn’t seem to be making a difference…image


I had it already initially - but I rearranged it in an If activity instead, but still producing the same result…

In this case, there may be a problem in GetTransactionData.

Try this:

  1. TransactionNumber default put 0.

  2. Swap Invoke and Assign activities.

  3. In GetTransactionData.xaml
    out_TransactionItem = in_WIList(in_TransactionNumber-1)

It may help if there are no other errors.

And be sure to look into the Manual, it describes the process in GetTransactionData file quite well.