[Assignment 1]: Processing only one transaction over and over again


I am at the last bit in the first assignment, when I run my main workflow it loops in one transaction number.


I have been stuck in this for a while now and tried a few things to get past it. If someone can give me a hint on whats going wrong, ill be very grateful.

My guess is that I might have missed out on an increment somewhere? (Maybe in the GetTransactionData) Or my navigation is going wrong. (I have tried both in vain)

Please have a look at the attached workflows.
ClientHashSecurity.zip (527.7 KB)

I know my config file and workflow has some redundant lines, I will sort it out after a successful run.

Because in your workflow set transaction status.xaml, you are not increment the transaction number.

Please add one from the framework, and just comment out the activities “Set Transaction Status” activities only.

I have attached my workflow in the below thread. Please use the same.

Karthik Byggari


Thanks a lot! That solved my issue :slight_smile:

Another question regarding the workflow:

After the workflow finishes, there is an exception to be thrown for this output, which Workflow should I edit to add this?

  1. Incorrect email or password: In Login to System1.xaml, if you don’t find the dashboard, throw incorrect password exception and in the catch block send exception email.
  2. No task of WI5 exists: You no need to worry about this. If there are no items, the REF triggers stop process.
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I am very interested in learning videos of Uipath academy.
I would like to try the assignment 2 in level 3(RPA advanced training). But the work item 4(in ACME system 1) is still in year 2017 and 2018.
Very unfortunately, there is only year 2018 and 2019 in “Download Monthly Report”(in ACME system 1),
I think i could not finish the assignment now.
Could your company please update the work items and the process design document or add year 2017 in “Download Monthly Report”(in ACME system 1).
Many thanks

Got it, thanks! Moving on to the next assignment :slight_smile:

Hi, I think you should open another thread for this. This thread is for assignment 1.

Many thanks for repling so fast. I have finished the assignment 1, its about WI5.
Now i think, is assignment 2 is about downlod yearly report?
in WI4, generate yearly report of vendor, “Date” is 2017 (https://acme-test.uipath.com/work-items/807594). But in “reports”-----“downlod monthly reports” there is only year 2018 and 2019?(ACME System 1 - Log In)
I am a new learner of Uipath, very thanks for giving some advices.

You have to select 2018.

Many thanks for replying, but i think it can not work. if the WI4 is year 2017, i try to select year 2018 in “downlod monthly report”, it shows no report found:sob: .

If it wont bother you, could uipath company improve this system? Since, my company needs us to finish all courses in uipath academy, but i can not finish this part now:disappointed_relieved:

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