Level 3 - assignment 1: Process keeps updating the same item again and again


For the level 3, assignment 1 process, I have 19 WI5 items to update. The first item is processed correctly. But after that one, the next item is again the first one (which is offcourse already updated with the hashcode and set to completed).

I have checked the GetTransactionData workflow again, but I do not see anything wrong.

Can anyone validate my GetTransactionData workflow? Or where else to check my REF?
GetTransactionData.xaml (8.9 KB)

Hi Albert,

Did you check your transaction number? Does it increase? Can you check SetTransactionStatus file? There should be an increment assign for it. Maybe you deleted it. You should check TransactionNumber.

Hi ercanebiler,

According to the walkthrough I did remove the three activities from that workflow, as we do not use the Orchestrator with queueu items. Was that not suppose to be done?


If i remember correct, i made increment myself in Get Transaction Data > Should Stop if > Else > Try GetTransactionData under the Invoke GetTransactionData workflow.

If transactionItem isNot Nothing

then transactionNumber=transactionNumber + 1

Try this and let me know.


It is working! Thanks :slight_smile:

I am happy with that!! If you can mark that message as solution people can get the answer quickly!


I’m struggling with that same problem. I followed instructions placed above and still same error.

Are you able to share with me sample with your correction made to the workflow? Maybe I will be able to track changes and implement correctly on my end.

Hi Michal,

I made the correction like this:

Hope it works for you :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! It works. Unfortunately subsequently after this step I’m getting strange error:

Add Queue Item: Orchestrator information is not available. Please check if UiPath Robot Service is started.

I’m quite confused, did you encounter this as well?

No I did not have that error. In this assignment you don’t use queues. So I guess you should check your Framework if their is any activity that wants to add an item to the queue.

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