Regarding Uipath Advance Training Assignment 1



There are multiple type in “Work Item”.
How to select an activity of type W15?


You have to use Data Table Filter Activity or DataTable.Select in Assign Activity.

Karthik Byggari


hi @sweta1234
try this,
take assign activity and,

WIID = DT.Select(“Type=‘WI5’ AND Status=‘Open’”)

DT is your scrap data.
WIID data type should be Array of DataRow ( DataRow )

so that it’ll select all data with type WI5 and status as open.


Can I create only one sequence for whole process of "calculate client security hash


If anyone passed this assignment please suggest process



It’s not recommended to use a single Sequence for whole process, for better understanding the process should be divided into sequences and flowcharts, so feasible will be to use state machines which will help you in future a lot, Because in real time scenario and in projects you will be using state machines only.


How to extract whole data from web ?
there are 15 tabs attached in image


Make use of data scraping wizard.


I am using data scraping. It is extracting only visible data
How to extract whole data which is not visible?


OK @sweta1234 so after clicking on finish, you’ll see this,

  1. Then click on yes, to scrap all 15 page data.
  2. and indicate next button. Like this


Thanks. Its working


how to filter “Wl5” in browser for getting client information?


to get client Information (Id, name, Country) you can use scrape relative.


Can you elaborate scrap relative?


please refer this link:


I am not getting option “Relative Scraping” in uipath studio.

  1. Click on recording, the select Citrix Recording Wizard
    In screen scrapping there’s option for scrape relative.

3) Select an anchor , which is the relative element so here your anchor should be lebel containing “Client name :” as a text.
e.g —> **Client Name : ** Samir

4)Indicate the area where the target element is, means the actual client name.
e.g Client Name : Samir <—

do this for client ID, country as well.


There is no option Citrix recording.

There is no Relative Scraping in native citrix recording


got it.


For each activity of the WI5 type, perform the following steps:
Open the Details page of the selected activity to retrieve the Client Information Details.

I am not able to get the logic for the same
Can anyone suggest?


use get text activity and split the id, name and country…