Level3 assignment 1

Do anyone completed the whole task from level 3 assignment 1 from the academy training!! Can I know anyone !!?

In this community, a lot of people had completed.
If you are facing any issues, please post the question. So community members can help you.

Karthik Byggari

Yes, struck at getting the only the items needed in the current process - those of the WI5 type, with the status set to “Open” in the table of WorkItems ,

Am getting all the items from the table which I did in below xaml,

Main.xaml (13.5 KB)

Thanks in advance.

After you get all the items,

use filter data table activity to filter the WIIDs

condition1 - Type Equals WI5 AND
condition2 - Status Equals Open


With out filter data table activity -

Am getting the Column Type is not supported for Filter datatable activity,

This is filter wizard,

Please use double quotes for everything -

Type → “Type”
Status → “Status”
WI5 → “WI5”
Open → “Open”

Ok, thanks @KarthikByggari

Am getting WI5 items only two from the table, where I scrapped and put into the excel sheet, below is the screenshot,

Main.xaml (20.5 KB)

Can I know what is the mistake there!! @KarthikByggari

I don’t see any issue.
But I used Internet Explorer instead of chrome browser.
The result I got -

Hey @sushmithaelluru

There is no problem with your workflow Either with IE or Chrome :slight_smile:

Just try reset your test data of your account then try :slight_smile:


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Ok @KarthikByggari, will check.

Ya ok will reset:slightly_smiling_face: @aksh1yadav

Got the WI5 related items… @KarthikByggari , @aksh1yadav

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Great… keep going :slight_smile:


Thanks :relaxed:

One doubt, in that assignment can we proceed without using queues!?

Yeah you can totally. It is upto you and assignment task dependency if their is mentioned to go with it then use otherwise u can work without that too :slight_smile: just modify get transaction workflow.


OK!! Thanks Aksh.

Aksh, can you once explain this point where I highlighted in the screenshot i.e; to assign the value of the data table.


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