Client Hash - assign activity to filter WI5 items

Hello all,

Having trouble on the Client Hash assignment. I believe everything is working fine up to this point i.e. login to ACME, data scraping etc. But when it comes to the assign activity to create a new table of just the WI5 items, I can’t figure out where I’m going wrong. I have included a screen shot below showing my variables and the error message. Please help with my newbie error!


Secondly, when I adjust the in argument to a data row, as well as the variable to this, and remove the original error, I reach this error:

For the first issue:
You are very close to the answer on the first screenshot, see the link below on different ways to filter data tables in UiPath

The second issue:
This could be because of the first issue or it could be because your original datatable is null