Client Security Hash Assignement 1

I’m new.
I have few error with the Process.
-navigate Witem ok
-Navigate Wi details ok.
-Extract data table:
Firstly Click ‘TD’: The UiElement is no longer valid in Extract data Table.

and then ExtractClientInformation

Get Text ‘DIV’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

Could you please help me?

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from extract data

from extractclientinformationa



For Sure I attach the file Process. (1.7 KB)
I think it’s better.
Many thanks in advance

Hello @dany08 and welcome to the UiPath community! How goes the assignment? If you still need help with this I’d be more that willing to assist you.

First of all, after having a look at the process.xaml which you’ve uploaded I was able to see some unnecessary placement of Invoked workflows within the Process sequence, namely:

  • NavigateTo_WorkItems - (This should be placed within the user created Read Transaction Data - as per the Walkthrough).
  • Extract Data Table - (This should be placed within the user created Read Transaction Data - as per the Walkthrough) .
  • SHA1Online_Open - (This workflow should be invoked in the InitAllApplications sequence).

Secondly, based on the screenshots you’ve provided:

  • The two click activities you’ve attached (Click’ A https://… & Click ‘TD’) are unnecessary activities as you don’t need to put click activities to go to the next page while using Data scraping in Assignment 1.

  • Please attach a screen shot of the selector properties of your Get Text activity.

Lastly, as you’ve only attached the Process.xaml which contains only the Invoked activities and not the activities themselves, unfortunately I won’t be able to see other aspects of the assignment that might need changing. You can try attaching the entire project here as well so that I might have a look and see and guide you properly.

Happy learning! :vulcan_salute:

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Many Thanks for your help.
I’m out of office.As soon as possible I’ll send you a message with the Main.

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