Level 3 Ass.1 please help

Hello UiPath family,

I am trying to solve the problem with my workflow, but unsuccessfully. The following happens: Open the ACME page, the robot clicks on the Work Items, but no selects the WI5 work for update,just stop. I ask for help.CalculateClientSecurityHash_DR.zip (511.4 KB)

Thank you all

@Gagi77 before you go for WI5 item directly scrape the entire data and filter only WI5 items and then navigate it to each item by using navigate to activity. Plz let me know if anything needs.


Hey my friend, nothing happens, i try many times, but nothing. I don’t know what i do wrong

Hi @Gagi77

i have gone through your workflow and I found one change in this xaml file (System1_Extract_WorkItem_DataTable.xaml) in same workflow use assign out_WIList = out_workItems.Select(“Type=‘WI5’ AND Status=‘Open’”) change out_WIList Argument type from DataTable to DataRow.

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