Stuck on Level 3 assignment 1

Hey Guys, I’m a bit lost on the method to extract the data file info for the “WI5” type files. I have been through the “walkthrough” but it’s assuming I know what’s going on a bit too heavily. Any advice on how to proceed will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


Use data Scraping to scrape data from all pages and it will give output as dataTable. Then filter dataTable.“Type = ‘WI5’”). CopyToDataTable

Thanks @lakshman, I have used scraping to scrape the dataTable, but how do you actually get to the files behind the required nodes? When the data scraping is doing its thing, does it extract everything? I mean, is all the necessary information already captured for each filed displayed on every page that is scraped? I’m just feeling a bit of ‘whiplash’ because I felt the difficulty level really escalated quickly compared to the previous examples.


Yes it will scrape data from all pages and make sure you have to indicate navigate to next page. In this you have to indicate ‘>’.

For your reference please find the below thread.

Cool. Thanks @lakshman! I’ll keep working at it…

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